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SCHEMA ST4 for everybody who needs it

Who could do with a little more SCHEMA ST4 in their professional life? But only a little bit more? For example, maybe only the approval process is relevant to one colleague, while somebody else wants to be informed about publications and translations and another person just wants to request the creation of a single datasheet. SCHEMA ST4 is intentionally very comprehensive so that it can meet the demands of all the everyday tasks involved in the technical writing process. With workflow automation, you can make sure that colleagues only have access to the parts of our component content management system that they really need. Continue reading

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Automating authoring processes with the Workflow Designer

You might have already noticed that in our blog posts about the tcworld conference, we always save the reveal of our biggest new features until last. Last year we introduced you to the project configurator, a component for automatically compiling publications. This year, automation in ST4 is once again the focus – specifically the automation of your authoring workflows. Continue reading

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Translation Under Control – Thanks to CMS

As an export-oriented manufacturer, you know the problem: the more successful your company, the higher the costs for translation. Not only because of liability concerns, but also to foster customer relationships, foregoing translation into a given country’s languages isn’t an option.

Translation effort grows exponentially with each language: project management, time and quality effort explode. Is there no way out of this “spiral of death?” Let’s have a closer look at two possible solutions. Continue reading