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New in ST4 2018: TMS Health Report – instantly identify structural errors

It’s just a few short weeks now until the 2017 tekom conference gets underway again in Stuttgart. Before getting to meet you face to face at the conference, we wanted to use the next few posts to take a look at the world of the forthcoming 2018 version of SCHEMA ST4. So, let’s dive in and discover the new features aimed primarily at making your workflows and processes easier. In this post, I will introduce you to a new function that is sure to bring a smile to the face of translation managers: the TMS Health Report. The TMS Health Report is a deceptively small tool that nonetheless packs a powerful punch. It can significantly improve the quality of your translations and enable you to identify structural differences between the source and target language much more efficiently – without the need to speak the target language. Continue reading

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New in ST4 2017: Automate translation workflows with the COTI standard

ST4 2017 is once again filled with a plethora of new features, taking another significant step in the direction of automation. Translation managers can look forward in particular to the COTI standard, which has been fully implemented in the new version and which will make transfers between ST4 and TMS a great deal easier in the future. Continue reading

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Expensive Memories

As you may already know, since the version 2012 SCHEMA ST4 has turned into more than a mere content management system. With the DocuWeb Translator a Translation Memory System (TMS) is at your disposal. Using it single nodes can be translated directly in the system. In the process earlier translations in the system are searched through and suggested, when a certain amount of matches is found – the main principle of a TMS.
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