Simple steps to optimise your documentation for translation

If your company wants to market its products abroad, it goes without saying that you’ll need your documents translated into other languages. Regardless of whether the translations are being completed in-house or outsourced to external agencies, the basic requirements are the same: the translations need to be accurate (to ensure compliance with legislation); they need... Continue Reading →

What’s new in SCHEMA ST4 2019?

SCHEMA ST4 gives you efficiency, control, flexibility and maximum support for your authoring processes. Every new release has extensive functions that contribute to these qualities, which is why our flagship product has become one of the market-leading component content management systems. SCHEMA ST4 2018 SP2 brought many changes under the surface as well as a... Continue Reading →

SCHEMA ST4 across borders: 70% saving in translation costs, 60% more documentation generated

For a company that manufactures products in different European countries and then brings them together in house at the end of the supply chain for final assembly, the challenges are not limited to logistics and sales. The installation and operating instructions all need to be harmonised – after all, the customer wants to be able... Continue Reading →

Working with ST4 Is Like Playing an Instrument

This year at the UserConference, the offered workshops will be classified like skiing pistes, based on users' previous knowledge. Dieter Pichl, one of our trainers, explains why, and which topics are especially important to him. Working with ST4 is like playing an instrument. In the beginning, you learn the basics and gain necessary confidence. The... Continue Reading →

Even Easier Now: Translation Management With ST4 2014

From the start ST4's biggest strength has been in translation support. Maximum efficiency in translation management – maximum operating convenience for the customer: to manage complex translation projects easily and intuitively has been our aim from the beginning. Therefore translation management will remain one of the main topics to focus on in development. In ST4... Continue Reading →

Expensive Memories

As you may already know, since the version 2012 SCHEMA ST4 has turned into more than a mere content management system. With the DocuWeb Translator a Translation Memory System (TMS) is at your disposal. Using it single nodes can be translated directly in the system. In the process earlier translations in the system are searched... Continue Reading →

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