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SCHEMA and DAIKIN – smart meets cool

What do SCHEMA and your weekend shopping have in common? – It’s simple: When you reach into that refrigerator in the comfortable air-conditioned supermarket, it’s very likely to contain several pieces of DAIKIN technology. DAIKIN is the world’s leading manufacturer of heat pumps, ventilation systems and air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The multinational Japanese company with headquarters in Osaka and 67,000 employees worldwide offers solutions for hotels, office buildings and supermarkets, and also for domestic use. Plus: DAIKIN has chosen to use SCHEMA ST4 and the Content Delivery Server to create smart, interactive manuals. In their talk ‘DAIKIN Service Information at your service’ at the SCHEMA conference, Peter Lemahieu and Lore Vertongen explained why SCHEMA is the best solution for DAIKIN. Continue reading

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Infinite Possibilities: Support Documents for Customer Service

Service technicians are definitely one of the most important internal target groups for technical writers.
However, do we really know what information requirements service technicians have? How do they use the information that technical documentation offers? And is the existing information even useful in a concrete case? A survey helped to clarify these questions, and it identified tasks for the technical authoring. Continue reading