SCHEMA and DAIKIN – smart meets cool

What do SCHEMA and your weekend shopping have in common? – It’s simple: When you reach into that refrigerator in the comfortable air-conditioned supermarket, it’s very likely to contain several pieces of DAIKIN technology. DAIKIN is the world’s leading manufacturer of heat pumps, ventilation systems and air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The multinational Japanese company with... Continue Reading →

Miele Shows How It’s Done: Automating Layout Works

Content management and layout – until a short while ago, these were two quite separate disciplines at Miele. With the XML revolution and the successive move of content to SCHEMA ST4, day-to-day work changed. The resulting performance improvement in content management made one thing very clear, however: The classic external DTP process had to change,... Continue Reading →

“We’re Getting Very Positive Feedback from the Market.” – The Online Media Designer from a developer’s perspective.

The Online Media Designer (OMD for short) is doubtlessly one of the most exciting new features in ST4 2016. We’ve already talked about it in our blog. In this post, we’ll hear from Matthias Hofmann. He’s the official backlog owner and main responsible person for developing the product. How did it all start with the... Continue Reading →

On Some Aspects of Layout Automation and its Supplementation (Part 2)

[1] Challenge: Creating a template on a graphic user interface without programming. Answer: The Page Layout Designer. The process of creating an XSL-FO template and then carrying out a 100% layout production will only make you happy when the layout can actually be produced at 100%. This may sound redundant but in reality many customers... Continue Reading →

On Some Aspects of Layout Automation and its Supplementation (Part 1)

Component content management systems solve many problems of automatic document production by separating content, structure and layout. Therefore the layout via templates can automatically be added to the layout neutral XML data. So far so good. Here at SCHEMA, too, we have been telling our customers for the last ten years: "We create a template... Continue Reading →

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