Three Questions for Dr. Reinhard Zinburg

Dr. Reinhard Zinburg has been a SCHEMA user from the start. In his many years as documentation coordinator at Agilent, he has developed a number of innovative best practice solutions. After studying chemistry, biology and programming, he obtained his doctorate in the early eighties in analytical chemistry, and then joined Hewlett Packard in Waldbronn. There,... Continue Reading →

“That’s Not Worth It for a Small Technical Documentation Department” – What A Customer Says

A little while ago, we posted an interview with Michael Rohde from iTAC Software AG about using ST4 in a one-person Technical Documentation department. Today, Lars Heßling from SICAT tells us why he works with ST4. He, too, is a "lone fighter." Our company, SICAT GmbH & Co.KG, manufactures 3D software, drilling templates, and therapeutic... Continue Reading →

ST4 – A System Only for the “Big Ones”?

Looking around in the world of technical documentation, you easily get the impression that systems such as ST4 are only suitable "for larger Technical Documentation departments". Is that really true? iTAC Software AG decided several years ago to implement ST4 for their one-person Technical Documentation department. Mr. Rohde studied Technical Writing at Hannover University, and... Continue Reading →

Integrated Technical Communication: Focusing on the Target Group

Target groups are still often barely taken into consideration in technical documentation. At the Schema User Conference 2014, Thomas Richwien demonstrated the extent of the useful effects of dealing thoroughly with one's target groups. Thomas Richwien studied engineering in Dortmund and Bochum. Subsequently he worked in mechanical engineering and software companies for several years. In... Continue Reading →

Quality is Free of Charge! Questions & Answers: Quality Assurance at SCHEMA

Many customers who are interested in a content management system make the mistake of only considering price and features during the selection process. Whether one will be satisfied with the purchase in the long run is not defined by the sales person who once presented the system but by the factors that can hardly be... Continue Reading →

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