Technical writers, product managers and process managers – they all work with SCHEMA ST4

One IT company. Almost 1,000 employees – over 200 of whom regularly use SCHEMA ST4. We have to admit that what Carmen Plösch reported about SSI Schäfer IT Solutions' use of ST4 at this year's SCHEMA Conference made us, as the manufacturer, feel a little proud. SSI Schäfer uses our CCMS across departments. It is... Continue Reading →

Themes, trends and topics in technical writing – that was what the SCHEMA Conference 2017 was all about!

The SCHEMA Conference was held in Nuremberg on 9th and 10th May 2017, presenting the best in technical documentation and exciting developments relating to SCHEMA ST4 and SCHEMA CDS. And to top it all, a new visitor record. On 9th and 10th May, we welcomed some 500 delegates from 14 countries to the SCHEMA Conference... Continue Reading →

ST4 in Small Technical Documentation Departments? – “For Us, It Was Definitely Worth the Effort!”

It's evident that an expert tool such as SCHEMA ST4 is also well received in the world of small Technical Documentation departments, so we have asked another customer to tell us about his experience with ST4 in a "one-person Technical Documentation department." Here, Marcus Eichhorn, technical writer at Becker-Antriebe GmbH, describes what changed for him... Continue Reading →

ST4 – A System Only for the “Big Ones”?

Looking around in the world of technical documentation, you easily get the impression that systems such as ST4 are only suitable "for larger Technical Documentation departments". Is that really true? iTAC Software AG decided several years ago to implement ST4 for their one-person Technical Documentation department. Mr. Rohde studied Technical Writing at Hannover University, and... Continue Reading →

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