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The SCHEMA Conference 2018


The current state of ST4 and CDS development, augmented reality demonstrations, a host of workshops and presentations. The NCC Mitte convention centre was once again full to the brim with technical writers, customers, potential customers, SCHEMA employees, partners and an enormous amount of combined expertise all under one roof. If that sounds to you like the SCHEMA Conference 2018, you would be right. Continue reading

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Intelligent information with machine learning and the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server

Intelligent information is currently a huge talking point at many companies that wish to efficiently communicate content relevant to the situation to their customers or employees, e.g. using a content delivery portal such as the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server. However, the enrichment of content with metadata often involves a high degree of manual work. This article will present ways in which to achieve seamless automation and integration of this process with the aid of machine learning and WebHooks. Continue reading

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A new world of documentation with iiRDS

Each passing day brings us closer to the 2017 tekom conference in Stuttgart. At SCHEMA we are preparing particularly thoroughly for one topic: iiRDS – Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard. This standard is set to become a milestone in the world of documentation, since it enables technical information to be exchanged easily, no matter who the manufacturer or what kind of device you have.  Continue reading

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Themes, trends and topics in technical writing – that was what the SCHEMA Conference 2017 was all about!

The SCHEMA Conference was held in Nuremberg on 9th and 10th May 2017, presenting the best in technical documentation and exciting developments relating to SCHEMA ST4 and SCHEMA CDS. And to top it all, a new visitor record.

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Content Management in a New Light: The SCHEMA CDS, What is Behind it

From November 11 to 13 the documentation sector will meet for its most important event, the tekom Annual Conference. This year for the first time, it will be held at the Messe Stuttgart. And we at SCHEMA will present as exhibitors and have our own booth.

“Is there really any news regarding Content Management?” I can answer this question with an emphatic “Yes”. And be assured: News for us at SCHEMA does not mean “we are now able to do DITA as well” or “ST4 also creates mobile content”. Do not get me wrong: Both statements are of course correct.

But at the tekom event this year we will be able to present a totally new type of product in the form of the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server (short CDS) to you. A product which to a certain extent reinvents Content Management.

I would already now like to invite you to visit us, should you be in Stuttgart. And in this blog I would like to present to you in advance the paradigm change of this new technology.
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Document Completed – What’s Next? The SCHEMA Content Delivery Suite!

Up to now you have probably only known and used the ST4 DocuManager as a system for creating and managing information. Your information and documents are probably distributed to a company portal or a DMS by CD, FTP server or an in-house developed interface. All these procedures have in common that updating the information must either be performed manually or an appropriate automated solution has been created. In the latter case, when the requirements change, an adaptation of the interface must be designed and implemented with your IT.
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