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The ST4 project configurator – retrieving and publishing content automatically

On Tuesday of next week, the tekom annual conference will get underway in Stuttgart. At the conference we will be presenting the latest version of our component content management system – ST4 2017.

Today I want to tell you about one of the most exciting new features: the project configurator. In general terms, it reduces the workload involved in manually compiling nodes in projects.

What sounds easy (and it really is easy), will open up completely new vistas for you in terms of organising your authoring processes. Not only can you automate the cooperation between ST4 and other systems, but you can also automate tasks directly in the system. Continue reading

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Catalog Content Integration – Electronic Parts Catalogues with added value from ST4, CDS and CATALOGcreator

If you regularly read our blog, you’ve probably already noticed that the topic of automation takes centre stage for us, as developers of component content management systems. Simply managing and creating clean content is no longer a feat for a modern CMS. One big challenge is integrating into environments with diverse expert systems and interacting with these systems as efficiently as possible. Continue reading

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ST4 2017 sneak peek: more highlights from the new version

In 2016 a great deal has happened once again in the world of technical documentation since the last ST4 release. With ST4 2017, we want to fulfil the increasing demands on efficient content management. Alongside some substantial changes, we have of course made many small changes that we briefly want to introduce to you in this post.

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New in ST4 2017: Automate translation workflows with the COTI standard

ST4 2017 is once again filled with a plethora of new features, taking another significant step in the direction of automation. Translation managers can look forward in particular to the COTI standard, which has been fully implemented in the new version and which will make transfers between ST4 and TMS a great deal easier in the future. Continue reading


DITA or No DITA – Answers from 20 Years’ Business Experience

When was the last time you heard or read of DITA? In German-speaking regions, this XML-based structuring standard was touted as the cure for everything in technical authoring again and again. Not so long ago, DITA was a hotly debated topic at tekom conferences as well. But especially in the context of tekom, the hype around DITA has clearly subsided.

The next tekom conference is about to take place, and we’ve decided to contribute to the discussion about DITA at tcworld, the international chapter of the conference, as in the English-speaking world (where the standard was invented) DITA still counts as state-of-the-art. Continue reading