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Themes, trends and topics in technical writing – that was what the SCHEMA Conference 2017 was all about!

The SCHEMA Conference was held in Nuremberg on 9th and 10th May 2017, presenting the best in technical documentation and exciting developments relating to SCHEMA ST4 and SCHEMA CDS. And to top it all, a new visitor record.

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News & networking at the SCHEMA Conference 2017

Spring is a time when everything blooms anew – and this year’s SCHEMA Conference will certainly be no exception. An annual highlight for the technical documentation sector, we will be opening the doors of our conference on the 9th and 10th May 2017 to SCHEMA customers and partners at Nuremberg Convention Center’s (NCC) “Mitte” site, our new venue for this year. Continue reading

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Remote-Controlled CMS: The Customer Orders – and ST4 Automatically Delivers

Can you imagine this? A customer orders a technically sophisticated product on a web platform. From over 170 options, he chooses the desired ones. He confirms his order, which triggers both the production of his individual configuration as well as that of the corresponding user guide. Content-wise the guide is just as individual as the product – but finished, created, and integrated into the rest of the process without the active intervention of an editor. Continue reading