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As software manufacturers, we can do as many beta tests as we want: You, our users, are our real testers. You’re the ones who create 10 to 1000 nodes a day, reuse fragments, and filter productions. You’ve made your very own experiences with ST4 and have developed solution strategies. So, we thought: Too bad this expert knowledge only spills over in special cases such as our annual SCHEMA Conference. This is why the SCHEMA User Round Tables have taken place for some time now: This is a chance to exchange thoughts and experiences, regionally and casually, in a small circle.


Why a round table? Because we want to foster the mutual exchange of experiences. And this works best if all participants are on the same level. Even the legendary Round Table won diplomatic victories this way. Now ST4 users only wage paper wars (thankfully), but the principle is the same: Everybody should and can learn from everybody else.

So we imitate what history taught us. Flat hierarchies, as every team lead knows, lower communication barriers. Things get addressed which in other cases might not have been . Whether newcomer, advanced or power user: On the same level, animated discussions quickly pop up, from which much can be learned, on all sides.


The SCHEMA User Round Tables are always hosted by one company. In a group with about 15 participants, everything is more personal, sociable, relaxed. After a short introduction by the host, SCHEMA representatives provide updates from our company. Together with the host, they take care of moderating the discussions.

After that, the group gets down to business: The host presents the focus topic and puts his company’s ST4 workflows up for discussion: Who does what, what works especially well, and maybe also what doesn’t work. Then the other participants get involved – they can ask questions, provide suggestions, voice new ideas. In this way, a lively exchange of experiences takes place with one main focus: everybody learns from everybody else.

As a conclusion to the afternoon, during a short tour of the company, you will have time and the opportunity to make contacts and allow the day to wrap up in a relaxed atmosphere.


The User Round Tables present for all participants the rare opportunity to receive direct feedback about their work. For one, this is a valuable insight for all ST4 newcomers. Am I doing this right? What established workflows are there? How can we become more effective?

For another, even the so-called pros can benefit from the input of the other participants. Let’s be honest: Established workflows also contain the risk that something new is missed or not ever tried out – according to the motto “never change a running system.” Even a well-oiled machine may benefit from a bit of tuning here and there – use the opportunity.


For innovative development –– and this is what is also under discussion, in a wider sense – you sometimes need more than your own perspective. And this definitely takes place: Not only the contrast of completely different areas of business, but also the mixture of conventional and unconventional workflows offers plenty of material for interesting discussions.

Seen in this light, we welcome the User Round Table to be used not only to find solutions to “old” problems, but also to discuss new ideas. This includes future challenges to technical communication, as well as the discussion of completely new ideas. The group then has the chance to fine-tune them.


Our attending representatives listen closely and participate in the discussions. Every bit of feedback is worth gold for ST4’s further development . This involves not only best practice scenarios which we want to improve, but also criticism or completely new suggestions. Layout Recall, for example, found its way into ST4 mostly thanks to active customer feedback.

Use the SCHEMA User Round Table to talk to the SCHEMA representatives attending the event.


The next opportunities are approaching: Our customers will be opening their doors next on Aug 30, 2016 and Sep 30, 2016 to host the Round Tables. Be part of it!

We are very pleased that two more SCHEMA customers have agreed to host the next User Round Tables:

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 1-5 pm
    DEUTA-WERKE in Bergisch Gladbach
  • Thursday, September 01, 2016, 1-5 pm
    SEW-EURODRIVE in 76646 Bruchsal

Interested? Simply sign up via email to We’ll be happy to send you the program and further important information.

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