tekom Annual Fair in Stuttgart, Take Two

The tekom annual conference 2015 in Stuttgart is over, a fact we regard with one laughing and one weeping eye, since we SCHEMANIANS always like going to the most important fair for the area of technical documentation. Our fair booth team works together seamlessly, and we get to meet existing and potential customers, partners, and friends. We discuss and celebrate together, everybody has the same tired feet, and after the second day at the latest everybody is looking forward to “normal life” outside the fair halls.

As last year, we kept to our tried-and-true concept for our fair booth and offered a comprehensive presentation program in the SCHEMA Blue Box for our existing customers, which was well received. We distributed the new icons from the ST4 2016 interface fresh-up across the entire fair booth, which got a lot of positive feedback. This made for a fresh and striking look.
But not only our revamped interface brought us praise, SCHEMA ST4 2016 itself with the Online Media Designer met with great interest from visitors. With the online variant of the Page Layout Designer, you can create layouts for HTML5 web applications and numerous other direct target formats such as MS Help Viewer 2.0 and ePUB without complex programming. The security package of the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server struck a chord with the fair visitors as well, as distributing data securely is a delicate subject these days.

The first SCHEMA booth party was fantastic. This year, we decided to hold our traditional customer event in the fair halls, since we didn’t want people to have to deal with Stuttgart traffic and its time-consuming traffic jams. But we didn’t want to forfeit culinary delights and spent a good deal of time looking for the appropriate catering. Not for nothing, as the food was indeed delicious and the atmosphere at the booth very relaxed. Even the Stuttgart “Wulle” beer and the Franconian “Krug” brew got on well together. It was a completely successful evening with lots of time for casual conversations.

Unfortunately, I had the impression again this year (I already had this feeling at the tekom Annual Conference 2014) that the Stuttgart Messe with its gigantic fair halls dwarfs the tekom Annual Fair to a certain degree. We hope for the best in 2016 and are looking forward to the tekom Annual Conference with a laughing and a weeping eye.

Here are some impressions from our fair booth and the SCHEMA booth party:

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