The Die Have Been Cast: We’ve Selected the Workshops for the SCHEMA Conference!

Organizing a large event such as SCHEMA Conference is like solving a big puzzle. During the organization phase, SCHEMA Marketing puts the individual pieces together so that a successful and well-rounded event is created for you.

Over the last weeks, we’ve created the event brochure, taken care of the catering, room setup, and signs, planned the rooms, dealt with the lecturers and their topics, the partners and the evening event, until all these individual puzzle pieces came together.

For this reason, we’re very pleased that you took an important decision off our hands: Which workshops should we offer? As in the past years, you determined the workshop ranking by voting.

Today, you are contributing a puzzle piece to our SCHEMA Conference on June 9 and 10, 2015. Thank you very much!

The results of the workshop ranking look like this:
Most votes were given to the workshop: “A Different Kind of Variable – Project-specific and Changeable,” followed closely by: “Remote-controlled Authoring – Automating with SCHEMA ST4.”

“Importing Data in ST4” came in third on the scale of favorites, and “Tables” made it onto the list, too.

The workshops “Combined Elements,” “What You Always Wanted to Know About Metadata, But Didn’t Dare to Ask,” and “Do Not Translate?” were nominated as well, as were “Quality Assurance with Standard Tools,” “SCHEMA Reader,” and “Settings. What? How?” “Nested Levels in ST4” made it into the workshop program, too.

There was a tight race for the last free slot: “Translator Client” had to forfeit its space to the workshop with the topic “Beyond Headers and Font Sizes; Best Practices and Updates in the PLD.”

You can find an overview of the room plan and agenda for the workshops at the SCHEMA Conference here.

In this manner, one puzzle piece is added to the next. We are well on our way to making SCHEMA Conference a well-rounded event again in 2015 and are now getting ready to take off!

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