SCHEMA Conference: 12 Points

Only 53 days to go until the SCHEMA Conference 2015. We’re looking forward to this major event especially because we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary with you at the same time. We’re following our tradition and will be offering a two-day SCHEMA Conference again with a varied lecture and workshop program. As a participant, you can help define the latter by voting for the offered workshops.

The words “voting” and “ranking” reminded me of the Eurovision Song Contest, which is why you’ll find a first tendency for the workshops analogous to the evaluation of the Song Contest:

12 points go to “A Different Kind of Variable – Project-specific and Changeable”.
11 points can be given to the workshop with the topic “Automation”.
10 points for “Imports”.
9 points go to the workshop “Tables”.
8 points go to “Combined Elements”.
7 points for “Modeling Topics”.
6 points will most likely be given to “Do not translate”, and
5 points are currently allocated to “Quality Assurance with Standard Tools”.
4 points go to “SCHEMA Reader” and 3 points to “Settings. What? How?”
2 points can currently be given to the workshop with the topic “Nested Levels in ST4″, and the last one with 1 point is “Translator Client”.

If your “favorite workshop” is not listed, please don’t give up – a lot can happen in the remaining 53 days!

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