Content Management in a New Light: The SCHEMA CDS, What is Behind it

From November 11 to 13 the documentation sector will meet for its most important event, the tekom Annual Conference. This year for the first time, it will be held at the Messe Stuttgart. And we at SCHEMA will present as exhibitors and have our own booth.

“Is there really any news regarding Content Management?” I can answer this question with an emphatic “Yes”. And be assured: News for us at SCHEMA does not mean “we are now able to do DITA as well” or “ST4 also creates mobile content”. Do not get me wrong: Both statements are of course correct.

But at the tekom event this year we will be able to present a totally new type of product in the form of the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server (short CDS) to you. A product which to a certain extent reinvents Content Management.

I would already now like to invite you to visit us, should you be in Stuttgart. And in this blog I would like to present to you in advance the paradigm change of this new technology.

Look Back on a Success Story
When you think of Content Management certainly similar keywords will come to your mind. “Reuse” is right on top of the list. “Modularization” is also one of them. You will think about “Translation Optimization”, when you have come to know the potential of a CMS for systematically minimizing costs.

These are exactly the topics that have turned Content Management systems into a success story since about the mid-90s. We ourselves will turn 20 next year and are glad that we were able to help form this development so permanently.

The classic argument pro Content Management: A professional system like ST4 saves time and money. By the way: This is still true.

One thing has become clearer and clearer over the years: With these benefits the full potential of Content Management has not yet been exploited by far. While the first-generation CMSs closed a gap in the efficiency of the production of information, now a gap is opening up in the distribution of the content managed in the CMS.

Why is that?

The Gap in the System
A classic CMS delivers information in the form of fixed documents. Print, PDF or mobile document: The individual pieces of information are always components of a fixed document structure. This, however, has not met the flexible role and content-related needs for information of the modern user for a long time. Where the big e-commerce providers lead the way with their information which is available worldwide, always up-to-date and independent of the terminal device, the CMS driven information processes cannot yet compete.


By the way: Not only we, as system producers, take this approach. When the question of distribution is important to you as well, I recommend you take a look at Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler’s talk from last year’s tekom Annual Conference (see download link below). He is also aware of this gap. And he requests a development of Content Management in the following direction:

Modular information (“Content Delivery”) is to be provided and distributed through web-based search mechanisms (“Content Retrieval”) for the use by various target groups. [Quote from the conference brochure text, p. 47]

Look Ahead – What Changes Does the CDS Bring Along
Admittedly it may sound a little like technical terminology. But this is exactly what we are offering with the CDS right now.

Basically the CDS is a completely new product. We call it an IT infrastructure for the online and offline distribution of content. An additional instance inserted between the production of information (e.g. via SCHEMA ST4 and/or other information sources) and the user, which aggregates this information and (depending on the information demand) distributes it to any


terminal device.

The CDS does not only contain the distribution aspect as its product. We also offer an extensive set of online and offline apps with which information can be called up from the CDS. They take over the task of compressing the almost unlimited amount of information on the CDS to the most essential. Various filter mechanisms interlock – and in the end the user only sees the information he needs.

Here You Learn More
So far, at a glance into the basic idea behind the CDS, I think you notice that we are dealing here with a topic with which the sector will occupy itself intensively in the coming years.

Where can you learn more?

  • For all tekom visitors: We can be found in hall C07, booth 2. The CDS will be presented regularly. And of course we invite you for a personal talk. In order to avoid waiting we recommend that you arrange a date right at the beginning of the conference.
  • The technical operation of the CDS is explained in a blog by my colleague Arno Klein: Document completed – what’s next? The SCHEMA Content Delivery Suite!
  • As for each SCHEMA product a Product Guide exists for the CDS as well. It can be found here:
    And of course: If you want to learn more today or cannot come to the tekom conference in Stuttgart: Just call us.

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