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For the second time, the SCHEMA Group has hosted the SCHEMA Graduate Academy. Mostly held during the second week of August of the summer semester break, ten graduates from different universities all over Germany are given a glimpse into the day-to-day work of a technical writer. We open the doors to our training center and try to contrast the theoretical perspective which is presented to the soon-to-be technical writers by the universities, with a real one. The attendants participate in an intensive training in SCHEMA ST4. They may ask for practical examples and afterward receive a certificate to be added to their application documents at the end of the event. Of course we very much appreciate the unbiased perspective the attendants have towards our content management system SCHEMA ST4. We wanted to know how the students appreciate our content management system and what they think of working with the user interface.

What do you think of the usability of SCHEMA ST4?
ST4 is very transparent and everything is included in the standard. Though it is flexible, it is not more difficult to operate than other content management systems. In some aspects it is not totally intuitive but there is training for this. If you have the technical background and go through the basic system step by step it is easy to understand.

How could the start become easier for newcomers?
Basically SCHEMA ST4’s help function is very good. It really is self-explanatory. If there were a way to break the basic configuration down, getting started would be much easier. Having a slow build-up assisted by a good manual and appropriate training would make you well positioned to handle the new situation.

How would it feel to take up your first job in a company without an content management system?
Without an content management system it would be hell. You have to imagine: 22 languages, many products and you will be searching and searching and searching. You do not have an overview at all and chaos will be inevitable. Only an inventory and updates might help. But often there is no time or money for this.

What would you desire for your university?
Unfortunately we do not have SCHEMA ST4 at our university. Before entering the workforce I absolutely wanted to test the applications of SCHEMA ST4 and this has been made possible by the SCHEMA Graduate Academy. I am impressed and would like to have the content management system at the university as well.


Participants at our SCHEMA Graduate Academy from August 6 to 8, 2014
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