That’s Where SCHEMA Users Meet

Some facts: 2 days, 330 participants, 10 partner booths, 21 hours of presentations and workshops, 9 hours of simultaneous translation. The SCHEMA User Conference 2014 has come to an end.

After “Complex Documents Made Easy” Now an Optimization of Distribution
What comes after “Complex Documents Made Easy”? How do we distribute the contents to the customers? Those were the questions Marcus Kesseler, CEO of SCHEMA, asked while opening the conference. He demonstrated graphically how the flood of information can be reduced to essentials using various filters.
The new SCHEMA Content Delivery Server solved this flooding problem. It was demonstrated by Dr. Arno Klein in his live presentation. Before lunch Jochen Marczinzik whetted the users’ appetite: The next version of SCHEMA ST4 will contain 160 new and revised functions.
The participants praised the user workshops in the afternoon. In short sessions the SCHEMA trainers eagerly explained quality assurance with Schematron, intricate questions on the Page Layout Designer, or the use of taxonomies for filtering information.
In the breaks the participants acquainted themselves with the services and products around SCHEMA ST4 that the attending partner companies provide: Acrolinx, Across Systems, Adobe Systems, Dokuwerk, Doctima, Heitec, Institut für technische Literatur, RWS Group Deutschland, T3, TID Informatik.
The first day drew to a close with a gala dinner in the Loftwerk. The tables shop talk went on till late night. Stories were told and old acquaintances renewed.

SCHEMA Customers: The Right Strategy for a Successful Project
The second day focused on user presentations. The audience was informed about the importance of a requirements matrix for technical documentation by Thomas Richwien of Agilent Technologies. Gerhard Treinen, Bundesanzeiger Verlag, vividly outlined how the number of publishing house specific DTD elements could be reduced from 95 to five using ST4 fragments. The various steps in creating an eLearning platform were described with insight by Helmut Endrich, Bosch Rexroth.
The audience was also fascinated by the report on the introduction of SCHEMA ST4 in Japan by Toyota Material Handling Group. The entertaining and descriptive presentation by Shinichiro Kasahara of the Toyota Material Handling Group provided an insight into a culture of optimization that clearly distinguishes between before/after as well as success/failure. Luckily, in the end, SCHEMA came out a definite ‘success’.
In the forum discussions on software documentation and medical technology the participants had an interesting and competent exchange.


In Research as Well: The Next Big Topic is Content Delivery Portals
Prof. Dr. Ziegler, Hochschule Karlsruhe (University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe), concluded this section of presentations by providing in depth insight into the current research on technical documentation. The introduction by Marcus Kesseler was closed when Prof. Dr. Ziegler introduced Content Delivery Portals as the new big research topic. SCHEMA customers discussed how important this topic is in discussions around the coffee tables on the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server.
Dr. Arno Klein finally gave an exclusive glimpse into the SCHEMA developers’ laboratory. You will learn more about this at a different time and a different place, when the prototypes have been further developed.
The presentations can be found by our customers and partners in the respective customer or partner-sections of our website. Further pictures from the event have been published on our Facebook Account. The clip of the event will be released in the coming weeks.

Will You be Joining Us Next Time?
And here we go: The next event is sure to come, so we already got started on the preparations for the SCHEMA User Conference 2015! Most of the participants already confirmed that they will come back.


Author: Sebastian Göttel, Sebastian Göttel is an authorized representative at SCHEMA GmbH. He studied programming at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg and in Bordeaux. Since
1998, he has applied his specialized knowledge of computer-based writing, single-source publishing and translation management at SCHEMA GmbH. He has been sales manager since 2005, and as consultant and key account manager, he supports XML- and DITA based projects.

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