Document Completed – What’s Next? The SCHEMA Content Delivery Suite!

Up to now you have probably only known and used the ST4 DocuManager as a system for creating and managing information. Your information and documents are probably distributed to a company portal or a DMS by CD, FTP server or an in-house developed interface. All these procedures have in common that updating the information must either be performed manually or an appropriate automated solution has been created. In the latter case, when the requirements change, an adaptation of the interface must be designed and implemented with your IT.

The SCHEMA Content Delivery Suite (SCDS) allows efficient, target group specific distribution of your information and documents via the intranet/internet in a stand-alone, secured environment, which can easily be integrated in your processes for creating information as well as the existing infrastructure.

The SCHEMA Content Delivery Suite allows such diverse requirements as

  • product information portals,
  • service portals,
  • knowledge base,
  • software documentation,
  • eLearning platform,

to be developed and operated securely in a quick manner and tailored to the demands of the technical documentation as well as your customers. This can be operated as a stand-alone portal solution and also as a component of an existing portal environment (so there is no need to convince your IT to replace the existing portals with an SCDS solution).

More Details Please…

The SCHEMA Content Delivery Suite comprises components for the online and offline distribution of information and documents (esp. HTML5 files, PDF documents). Depending on individual subscriptions all components can synchronize with each other. Thus the user always has up-to-date information (provided an internet connection can be established at least temporarily).

In detail the SCHEMA Content Delivery Suite consists of the following components:

  • SCDS Connector for the ST4 DocuManager: Optional component to create an HTML5 publication with the ST4 DocuManager. The output as well as the taxonomies used for navigation and filtering can directly be uploaded to the SCDS server.
  • SCDS Server: Web Repository with open ReST interfaces for collecting, searching and displaying information.
  • SCDS Reader Online: Web portal for navigating, filtering, searching and presenting information and documents.
  • SCDS Reader Offline: Offline version of the SCDS reader for displaying information and documents on PCs, laptops, etc. (functions similar to the SCDS Reader Online). Synchronizes information with an SCDS server on the internet.
  • SCDS App for mobile devices: Like SCDS Reader Offline; for installation on tablets and smart phones. Available for Android, iOS and Windows 8 (in preparation).

The SCDS Server and the SCDS Reader Online can be operated as a service on your company servers, in our data center or in a public cloud. In all cases your information and documents are protected against unauthorized access via standard authentication procedures.

A basic function of the SCHEMA Content Delivery Suite is the definition of subscriptions directly on the SCDS Server. A subscription defines an amount of information, a user resp. a user group or another SCDS server may view. Information and documentation can be provided in packages suitable for the appropriate target group and the respective application.

Through a feedback function users can send comments and other information or data to the SCDS server. From there the comments and evaluations can be returned to the ST4 DocuManager – directly to the relevant location – using the SCDS Connector.

SCDS overview

An Example…

You are preparing the installation, operation and maintenance documentation and a product information data sheet for a machine series. The series consists of several different specific machines each with various information details which can be tagged in the ST4 DocuManager using a product taxonomy. For filtering the information is additionally tagged with a life-cycle taxonomy (installation, operation, maintenance, pre-sales), a target group taxonomy (user, service technician, potential customer) and a market taxonomy (EMEA, USA, Asia, …). Other taxonomies could designate specific technical features of the machines (for cameras e.g. solution, night vision feature, WLAN, …).

In the ST4 DocuManager you manage the information as a master project for this series or create several projects, e.g. depending on the type of documentation. The project resp. the various projects are now produced with the HTML5-based SCDS Connector publication. Doing so you can chose which of the taxonomies used for tagging the information is to be transmitted to the SCDS server (not necessarily all taxonomies used for tagging in the project). When the publication (which can also be automated) is finished the produced information is put into packages and uploaded to the named SCDS server as SCDS Content packages. The SCDS server imports the information, adapts it for online display and creates an index on the content to enable efficient search for content, taxonomies and metadata.

The information is now available in the SCDS Reader Online, and if required in the SCDS Reader Offline and the SCDS apps. Users can navigate the information using a table of contents, limit the available content by filtering according to the produced taxonomies or search for information – with regard to the filter context. When you created a subscription on the SCDS server for e.g. pre-sales and EMEA information and linked this to a group of users, only this information will be available to the group. Or the other way round the pre-sales information is available to all users; in order to have access to the service information the users need a subscription.

When the content changes you just start a new production. The SCHEMA Content Delivery infrastructure automatically provides for an update of the information on the user side.

SCDS LibrarySCSD App - Content SCDS App - Filter

And if I Have no ST4 DocuManager?

The SCDS Content Delivery Suite can easily be used without the ST4 DocuManager. All functions (except the SCDS Connector functionality) can be operated via open web interfaces and the SCDS Web Management Portal. The SCDS Content Packages are basically XHTML files in a zip container and can thus easily be created from other sources. Also integrating information from the ST4 DocuManager and other information sources based on the taxonomies lodged in the SCDS server is a possible and sensible use case.

To Sum It All Up…

The SCHEMA Content Delivery Suite provides a powerful infrastructure for distributing and updating information and documents with online/offline web applications and mobile apps to the respective target groups.

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